Khloe Kardashian FIRES BACK at 'Hurtful' Pregnancy Speculation


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  1. ET your the most idiotic publication.. your as dumb as what you produce, you know exactly how fake this whole desperate attempt to stay relevant is.. meaningless show, more meaningless people who star on it, clinging with anything real or not for ratings

  2. So sad that getting more plastic surgery is NOT going to change WHO you REALLY are!! Man I just wish your dad was alive to see how you all behave and your mother.. I liked these girls as they WERE.. Not watching anything on them. You might change yourselves but genes don't lie when they are passed on. Savanna Crisley had a big nose. Might get surgery but it's in the genes.

  3. Khole is a sick insecure desperate human being after looking at this interview, she is a pathetic woman and she needs to spot posting her daughter's every move bc she looks like her dad and th at aint cute, she got your eyes but nothing else from you but remember you are not a Kardashian by birth you were just given the name bc your mum was a big cheater so that's why she is ashamed to tell who you your real dad is but I guess you also don't want to her the flipping truth, hmmmm

  4. Maybe her sister can get her "best friend back". Such low self esteem if it's true! And Kourtney should get Scott back. He loved her, BUT got caught up with the sister drama!

  5. It doesn't matter if this is true or false. People need to fucking grow up, there's absolutely no need for hatefulness, it's uncalled for. Why would anybody send hateful messages to a pregnant woman in the first place? How horrible. Our society is becoming more fucked up by the day. I wish nothing but the best for her after what she's been through.

  6. At the end of the day she’s gonna do what’s she wants but bc she chooses to make her like so public everyone has a right to their opinion. Idc what she does but am I gonna call her stupid asf for her choices ofc bc I can do and say what I want just as she can .

  7. She goes from oh positivity! And then I would hate to see what they look like. O my god. Shes is the one who is nasty and hateful deep down. If you dont like what people are saying about you, then you shouldnt post your life on social media.

  8. She talks about the possibility of having Tristan be the donor for a second child on their show, people naturally reply and now she’s “hurt by the comments.” LMAO You put that subject out there for people to talk about, my dear. If you don’t want people to respond, don’t talk about it on your show. I remember an episode when she scolded Kourtney for being mad at her about making a comment about Kourtney’s situation, saying “If you don’t want me to reply, then don’t talk about it in front of me.” Boo hoo, Khloe… cry me a river.

  9. Ah, poor attention seeking reality star can't handle not everyone is going to gush with every inane thing she tells the world…boo hoo! Rich people's problems! 😪😪😪

  10. Sorry there is no such thing as privacy or when it is the fans that made you a millionaire. I’m sure it’s so hard reading tweets when you’re sitting up in your mansions

  11. She has been treated so badly by men! I sympathize. No matter how famous you are or how much money you have, she loved those 2 men a lot and they majorly betrayed her trust. If she wants another child, I say good for her! I think with all the unwanted children in the world, she should consider adopting she has a lot of love to give and children who need it!

  12. I think this is her business and know one else’s Why do you people think we are going through Coronavirus19 right now ? Because God is telling us to wake up be nice not judge mental .Be kind bd nice be forgiving to each , They already have one child together.Things happen and people make mistakes. And some people will have learned threw there mistakes, I say the one thing that I would never fore give is abusive Physical.I was beaten real bad 20 years ago and til this day he is still begging to come back and wants me to for give him .Know way would I ever ever for give some one who beats you ..So just ignore them and live your Own life.

  13. 4 a woman 2 want your man she jealous your lifestyle with him there something good she see in him an she wants it 4 her self thats right khole take your man back your child needs her father

  14. One thing my mother teach if the outside woman could want your husband come on sisters u must want your husband even more let no other women walk out the door with him fight 4 what's yours

  15. This generation 2 today men and woman are unfaithful kholre right by keeping her family together O come ladies if every time your spouse cheated on u and u leave them u would taking man after man

  16. Fist of all Ko ko….you look beautiful…if you are pregnant it's your body n your business…forget the haters…most of dem are broke and envious…lol…stay on top of your game…whatever decisions you make…it's your choice…love you…👌👌👌❤❤❤✌✌✌💞💞💞🔥🔥🔥

  17. You are jealous people. You don’t let them be together. He only kiss a girl . Now you are happy when you separated them. You need to go back wit love of your life. He loves you. What nonsense you talking. He even never thinks about that girl. Khloe is prettier milion time. Khloe go back to your husband. Way to go. They be so jealous. You are amazing couple and you can have 5 more children. Khloe , I’m spiritual guru. I look your star. He is man for you. Call me on your wedding. I will keep all this negative energy that they sending you away . Mean to be. You got it. He loves you. So obvious. 🤜💯🤛

  18. To play devils advocate they had an entire episode about this so… even with no pic it’s still a valid theory if u speak English have a tv and aren’t blind

  19. Life is a twisted road for some of us others it's a short story. Just keep walking w your head up. You could get someone new and wonderful and he could cheat or Tristin could have learned. He's young. Do you🌹you'll never be boring.

  20. Khloe eat what you want! Eating is one of the joys of life. You look gorgeous.Haters are gonna hate!! Love you sis you do you in your personal life! Not for us to advise you. Just be happy,Khloe

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