Khloe Kardashian CALLED OUT By Designer For Reselling Loaned Clothes!


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  1. When black lives matter men like tristan thompson would be forced to stop segregating their kids. Why does the child from the black woman not deserve to have a proud and present dad. Hoey Kardashian and the whole klan needs a morality check. BLACK KIDS MATTER

  2. Her good American line stole styles from lesser known fashion designers

    I'm not surprised she has problems with designers not liking her drifting theirbcclohes

  3. All men are suddenly faithful because the strip clubs are closed and the hoes can't do there jobs in this pandemic! Wait and see after the pandemic is over.You will see many break ups! Also kim and kanye will not survive 2020 as a couple.They are al ready separate living far away.kanye Wyoming and kim Calabasas.The kardashian kurse is for real.Every man who enters the kardashian clan will never have a normal live after.

  4. but she can't forgive jordyn??? he kissed jordyn as she said goodbye but he gets forgiven because he;s baby daddy well the other jordin is living her best life sans baby daddy tristan, no more cheating for her, i guess khloe doesn't mind. lol

  5. WOW? I guess TRISTAN is BROKE now so Kloe not the hoes look real good NOW Gesssshhhhh … These desperate chicks will never learn to stay away from these loser guys. When they show you who they are the first time believe them!!!

  6. People venerating one family, paying to buy their clothes etc. is exactly what's wrong with this world right now. Don't blame the Kardashians… blame the audience that created them.

  7. The Kardashian have a LOT of clothes. A lot of their designer pieces, they will only wear once, be photographed and never wear it again. Why not sell it on? Just because they're rich doesn't mean they can't sell their possessions. At least it's not going in the bin!

    In regards to this particular dress which was on loan, she probably forgot it was a loan. When you get sent gifts and loans all the time, it's probably quite tricky to keep track of which items are loans, and which were gifts. I very much doubt she would do this on purpose, it doesn't show her in a good light, it's a bit embarrassing, and puts her on awkward terms with the designer. She doesn't need the money, why would she do it on purpose?

  8. Y’all in the comment section don’t understand that she probably had nothing to do with it. One of her assistants most likely accidentally put up there for sale due to miscommunication. People miscommunication happens all the time why is this even a story to tell. There’s no tea here.

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