kevin kostner and robert duvall gunfight from open range


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  1. Costner is clearly very knowledgeable with guns and thus was well aware of the too many shots he fired when he feathered his six shooter SAA… but he always wanted to shoot such a scene in which he fires consecutive shots beyond the capacity of an SAA, he stated in an interview, and it was great fun to shoot these scenes, he said.

    It was his own movie, he made a personal dream come true, even when faced with financial setbacks during the production. Consequently he and other committed actors had to fill in due to the funding shortfall and could only thereby finish the movie. That's why he's even more proud of it. And he probably doesn't give a flying f*** about anybody counting the shots fired from their SAAs… it was on purpose, because it sounded great, for the show, not because they wouldn't know how many shots a six shooter could only fire irl (they were loading and firing it with their own hands) 😉

  2. In the exchange between Boss and Baxter, it appeared Boss took one in the stomach. Then he just gets up and walks away holding his stomach, and that was it. Like nothing happened for the rest of the movie. I guess that 45 just dissolved.

  3. Best part 7:02
    just imagine how satisfying it would be to be in the victor in that
    situation and tell your nemesis what you feel he has wronged you with
    and who he truly is as he dies.

  4. Great movie and message. The powers aka corrupt politicians and banksters keep pushing ,taking and blatantly stealing from the hard working people of America! Everything illegal and against our constitution and most importantly against the laws of almighty God! This needs to happen!

  5. He should have killed the last guy. I was with Kostner. You don't just let someone shoot at you and walk away.

    You and everyone you know will have to look over their shoulder the rest of their lives.

  6. All right, I'm really confused. What approximate year would this depict? Next, does any one know the total amount of rounds, pistol, rifle and shotgun, fired in this gunfight? I kept count of the rounds shot by Kevin Kostner in just the opening scene. I just do not know how a revolver of that time could have had more than six rounds. Does anyone know the make and model of the handguns in this fight?

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