Kevin Hart Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health


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  1. 1 of the most positive people on Earth. I understand the back injury, I broke my back in a wreck too. It sucks and u have to learn how to work around it in alot of aspects of life, but life goes on and u gotta adapt

  2. This is why people love Kevin Hart, one minute he’s making u laugh ur ass off, and the next he’s preaching inspirational ideas that are useful in every day life. It can’t get better than that, listen to this man‼️

  3. Awesome video except for the beyond meat burgers. Those are loaded with chemicals and vegetable oils like canola that oxidize when exposed to heat. These vegetable oils like canola, soybean and cottonseed lead to cardiovascular disease and other health complications.

  4. I’m from a Asian family. My mom always said don’t open the fridge for too long or waste technology. Actually everyone part of my extended family saids that every time. So Im here freaking out that he opened the fridge FOR SO LONG. I’ll stop now

  5. These are all just plugs for products these guys own, lol. The plant based thing is just another fad too. They’ll be telling you red meat is healthy again in 2021. It’s all a scam. Just eat what you want in the right portions and exercise. There’s no secret.

  6. i really like how a lot of famous people that are in great shape show us what is in their fridge. That is so cool. So far, i haven't seen any famous people with science experiments growing in the fridges. for years, i've always wondered what these guys eat.

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