Keanu Reeves Best and Funniest Moments July 2019


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  1. I love how people try their best to go viral, but Keanu just does something or says something and then he gets noticed and then becomes viral and he doesn’t even know 😂

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  3. So Keanu Reeves has been nominated to a big charity rap challenge from Poland where you have to sing 16 lines and people send money for charity foundraiser #hot16challenge2

    To be accurate, it was one of the characters he plays who has been nominated – Johnny Silverhand from ,,Cyberpunk 2077".

    Please share it anywhere or let me know of any way of contact with him if you want to see rapping Keanu.

  4. I know that most of you do not like trump but John Wick should be His bodyguard! Lol I mean no one will mess with the president of John Wick was personal security! Hell he could go to fight Al-Queda and even they would not fuck with John wick and the president!

  5. Soy tu fan yo se que muchas personas te lo dicen a diario pero en realidad eres el personaje no quisiera malentendidos por no saber que palabras escoger pero tanto en la vida real tanto en tu carrera eres el mejor y he llegado al limite de ver tu vida como si fuera una serie para mi me encanta en serio saludos y un fuerte abrazo desde mexico <3

  6. I want to see more assault rifle in John wick 4 and then for John wick 5 you should use more old school shit like lever action and revolvers and for John wick 6 you gotta get da samurai swords. I don't have any ideas for he 7th film tho 🙁

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