Katy Perry – Thinking Of You (Official)


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  1. Remember when Katy’s music was good like this?

    I listened to all her music as a kid and growing up it made me sad to see how shallow she is music-wise. Teenage dream and one of the boys are her best albums and no one can change my mind.

  2. This song hits different when you are listening to it at midnight than listening at daytime. It's like every words she'll sang is a knife stabbing every pieces of your heart. And then you'll just see yourself already crying.

  3. I've seen the making of this video clip and Katy perry explains she cheated on him while he was in the war and then found out he died and shes expressing her guilt and how she shouldn't of taken for granted the person she had to begin with. So would be that she was lonely while he was away and was wishing it was her bf in the moment instead of the random guy as she says "when I'm with him i am thinking of you" and "
    He pulled me in, I was disgusted with myself"

  4. I dont know but her new man in this video doesnt deserve to be treated like that. No one deserves to be treated like that. If you ever still havent moved on with your previous relationship, dont jump into a new one. Because youre not only hurting yourself, youre also hurting other people.

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  6. The first time I decided to date boys after being busted by the girl I like, I immediately had a boyfriend, he helped me moved on, and never think about of killing myself, when I am finally ready to devote myself to him, he ghosted me, so I started to try to find the answer why, I date random men on random age on random nationality, and I still can't find someone better than him, I still think of him to help me release during the act. I hope someday someone will come into my life and help me understand love more than how he explain it to me..

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