Kanye West, Leonardo DiCaprio's Bodyguard Reveals Demands


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  1. u should love everyone not just those in your close circle but i get it when you’re famous i bet it’s even harder to love anyone no excuses tho live your best life while you have it forgive you’re enemies let go of offence

  2. how do you protect someone when you are not aware their destination and possibly also it threats. i mean calling a head seems professional. walking 10 feet behind bruh, people want discreet security all the time.

  3. Of course. I know Leo treat his bodyguard equal as his friends. He also take him everywhere on vacay with his friends, not bc he is only his bodyguard but you know… as friends also

  4. Kanye was being a douchebag for no reason about the floor he was supposed to be going. He just had to press the button or tell the big guy which floor he was supposed to go to. He honestly didn't have to be a dick

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