Judah Lewis Talks "Demolition" Behind The Velvet Rope with Arthur Kade


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  1. You are an amazing actor don’t lose that Judah! Love you ! … keep it up ! Don’t do drugs please ! Lots of new actors destroy their future with the nasty drugs .! You don’t need them !

  2. I really love Judah Lewis a lot, I enjoy seeing him in this Movie, The sad part is when you got beat up.I was so sad he didn't get the Spider-man reboot. I enjoy just hearing him being interviewed very mature lovely voice. And Judah your way better then Leonardo DiCaprio I have seen him in many movies and you act better then he does in my opinion. Hope you visit Vermont or Ct soon cause i understand on May 22, you will be 16 and that is like so cool. Can't wait to see you in your next movie.and In Case I forget Happy 16th ( I know I am real early but, idc)

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