Joseph Gordon-Levitt Reveals His Cinematic Crush


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  1. OH MY GOD so i was studying for a french exam by listening to French practice tapes, and I was SO CONFUSED WHEN HE STARTED SPEAKING FRENCH. hahahaha. I thought I was going crazy. . .

  2. why are people here calling him pretentious? why because he speaks french? or because he is smart? I don't think these people actually what pretention actually is.

  3. pretentious means acting like you're smarter than you actually are. he is not pretentious. he is truly intelligent. why do people tell us not to play dumb when we're criticized just the same for showing off a bit of smarts?

    joe is a hard worker, a thinker, a believer, and he has a huge heart.

  4. Gordon-Levitt would be upset to know then that the panic reported about the War of the Worlds radio broadcast was exaggerated, creating an entirely different falsehood. Media historians note that the extent of the panic is a myth and that "almost nobody was fooled."

    It's a great story, but it is, like so many great stories, simply fiction.

  5. "Pretentious pretentious pretentious"

    Well why do you have to put people down? The man's got talent. Can't argue with that. And no amohnt of putting down can make you happy with yourself.

  6. I find it funny that when someone says something truly intelligent and eye-opening, people just call them ''pretentious''… in my land we have a saying ''the real blind man is the one who doesn't wants to see''

  7. The only thing that he was wrong about was the fact that Orson Welles had his own radio drama series, and it was only intended for fictional purposes. I guess entertainment during this era, not necessarily to scare the people or prove a point. Merely to just entertain. He did although unintentionally scare the crap out of people though.

  8. I think its amazing that he takes the time to give these meaningful answers instead of just selling his looks as his brand. and he speaks French I mean…how perfect can he be

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