Joseph Gordon-Levitt Interview | Screen Test | The New York Times


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  1. Wait was 500 days of summer early released? I thought that came out in 2009. But how was this video and info published here in 2007.

    Btw shocked by how young he still looks here, I really miss him at this age, and a lot of his younger roles.

  2. soldiers aren't really that brave, they are generally mindless automatons who do what they are told, including killing innocent men women and children so greedy elites can steal their nations oil or other resources. what you do is much better

  3. I don’t know why I am watching a video from over a decade ago and I surely don’t know why I’m commenting on it but here I am. I have always loved JGL but as a veteran to hear him say he isn’t sure he will ever do anything as brave as a soldier really got me. People say that kind of thing to us all the time but for some reason he came across so perfectly sincere. Real sincerity is such a subtle thing, and as service members we tend to ride a fine line between absolute sarcasm and deepest sincerity and for whatever reason, it seems like he actually gets it and that is so beautifully rare. All I can say is thank you for your kind words and don’t worry about whether you could ever lay down your life for someone else because you are out there making art and beauty and happiness and those are the things we will lay down our lives to save.

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