Joe Rogan – Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence


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  1. The way Elon talks about these AI and the Matrix and etc, its almost like a parent avoiding telling a child that santa isnt real. Hes incredibly smart. This things he says or the way he tries to use anlogies sometimes makes me feel its difficult for him to explain his knowledge to us.

  2. 7min Rogan's revelation is the thesis of the SCRIPTURES…our choice GOD'S plan or you default to "cant beat it join it=AI. Lucifer, " I will make myself like the most high GOD." The end of that statement is the matrix or what Peterson dabbles around, "the end of the deadly purpose." Similar to addiction. It begins w an independent careless child-like impulse but the end is destruction. The answer, "surrender to the most most high, only living, creator and live."

  3. U though not
    Bad for human
    For or to right
    Now 1548pm hi time
    It used to be
    Pretty cool much
    out side HUman control
    Inside woman control
    Toy 1515pm
    EL agree he is out side human control el
    El thinki human us AI to against each other
    AI made by human
    Yes El against each el
    I am people
    EL is not people
    El toy people out
    This way company is form
    El has no real doc to from company
    World is place don't able to collect

  4. Many theories have been put forward about how the brain works. I subscribe to the late Gerald Edelman's Theory of Neuronal Group Selection. Many aspects of the TNGS have been demonstrated in "robots" called Brain Based Devices, BBD's. In the Extended TNGS he creates a biological theory of consciousness, described in his book, The Remembered Present. A machine with human adult level consciousness will have to be based on the only thing we know creates that, the human brain. Such a machine(s) is 50 to 100 years away.

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