Joe Rogan claims Serena Williams on STEROIDS


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  1. What makes this funny. People thought Arnold wasn't taking steroids in 1970's and 80's. People think Serena isn't taking steroids. If you can't tell she's taking steroids with shoulders and arms bigger than a male weight lifter! WTF!!! Also Joe. Have you ever juiced? I'm guessing you have. You talk like your all for juicing! If you spend enough time in the gym you can get big enough. It's all about excess in this country.

  2. all you have to do is look at photos of Serena Williams You could see clearly the body changes when she's on and when she's off. When she's all she's built like a typical black heavy-set woman with a big bottom.when she was on you could tell she was taking winstrol very tight big bulging biceps and slimmer hips

  3. No sh** sherlock. Obviously, Serena Williams' therapeutic use exemptions for PREDNISONE account for her mood & appearance. It's standard pro athlete diet. Rogan is right it's social pressure. Ditto there should be a trans league and Williams could compete in there if she's sick of Osaka beating her. 😆

  4. Redban nailed it…Sport is all bullshit.

    USADA is as corrupt as the worst steroid offender.

    Armstrong greased their wheels with a big donation and they give Lesnar a testing exemption for the UFC, and expect to wear a credibility badge with pride.

    Scrap the system and start from the ground up. They need someone with integrity, none of which currently exists.

  5. stunning? i guess it would be stunning tohear beyonce was on them too.. there are many different type of roids. they dont all get you jacked. they all do enhance physical aspects of the body and photos from her shows a couple years back showed development in her legs that was almost definitely from hormone supplementation.

  6. Just watched Serena last night . My god . If I needed a Fullback on 4th and inches to get me a first down, I would feed the ball to Serena to get it. Anyone saying she is not on steroids is either pro transgender or legally blind. The fact that her white husband f.ucks her has to make you question if he is gay.

  7. Joe you are absolutely wrong!, Serena is not taking testosterone, does not have to, he produces it naturally because he is a man masquerading as a woman. If anything he is taking estrogen. Transgenders have been around much longer than you think. Navratilova was one too.

  8. Serena has never tested positive for steroids in 20 years because she doesn’t need them white People and their little peanut brains can’t phantom the fact black People are great at everything we do get over it ! Stop with the jealously and envy and congratulate a true champion

  9. Leagues like the NFL, NBA, ATP, and WTA are businesses at the core. What they care about is making money, and to do that they want their sports to be as entertaining as possible. They wont sell out their top earners if theyre on something.

  10. She might not be using steroids (most likely not). She may have congenital adrenal hyperplasia, or be an inter sex person. Neither is under her control. What is evident is that she and her sister both exhibit physical traits that only males would have. Example, they both posses the typical male pelvis. that's easy to spot, with their waist indent well below their navel which is a trait only a male would have due to our comparatively narrow pelvic bone structure. the wide Q-angle of the knee, which is completely absent on both of these athletes but seen on all females. Square vs heart shaped face indicative of natural male testosterone production. Their long wide rib cage and shoulders that are very much broader than their hips… but not seen on natural born females, ever. would that give her an athletic advantage in her sport, absolutely. Still though how rare is it to even be a professional tennis player? Venus has put in the work as well and deserves the credit. She will probably never have children is she does possess one of the above irregular female traits, and that is very unfortunate for her if its something she wants.

  11. Peyton Manning was also on Steroids and the NFL covered for him. It’s Sad That Serena chose to take steroids. She has the violent outburst that goes with steroid use.

  12. Remember when the USA gymnastics covered up all the gymnast being raped by talking about Russia’s steroid problem. Everyone knows the USA are Steroid freaks as well. On top of that we had people raping innocent girls. It’s time to fix our issues before we worry about another country.

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