Jimmy Kimmel Auditions for Every Matt Damon Role


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  1. I here they are going to let Jimmy audition for Matt next film. Sorry we are out of time.
    Its about a celebrity who keeps getting invited on a TV show every night only to be told every night they ran out of time for him to be on the show. So the man goes crazy to get revenge on his nemesis the chat show host. Apparently they want Jimmy to play Jillguermo the chat show hosts sidekick. He has to go drag but he can audition for it if he wants to.

  2. Kimmel sucked as much as Damon. Dogma was his only decent thing. F Damon. I 💩 my pants. More people thought that was worth watching. Damon sucks. He sucks. Ben asslick was only good in Phantoms. They both suck. They should lick Kevin's b hole and tell him thank you.

  3. How does Jimmy tell his little girl that her daddy did many evil racist things to try and make white people laugh so I could buy you Juicy Couture instead of Target. That is a tough conversation.

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