Jensen Ackles – Simple Man (First Time Reaction)


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  1. It's also true that he doesn't get rehearsal time with the band. The band plays opening and closing performances as well as between each panel. Thurs through Sunday.
    Jensen and Jared arrive at the conventions sometime on Saturday and the performances are on Saturday night. Then they do a breakfast panel (gold ticket) and an afternoon panel. Plus photos and autographs. So the only possible time to rehearse is Saturday afternoon while other panels are on stage.
    Makes it even more awesome in my view. He basically is performing cold every time.

  2. Yes Jensen does have that effect on people, men & women (and every other variation). As others have said, considering his shyness especially about his singing and musical abilities, this was early on before he got more comfortable singing on stage. The fact that he’s now creating his own music with Steve & Radio Company, he’s finally accepted that he does have a talent & that people want to hear him but I can still imagine it must be nerve wracking for anyone to stand up and sing like that, I admire anyone who can do that…as someone who has zero musical ability🤣

  3. Here's the thing, there's a LOT going on here. He hides it pretty well, but he was TERRIFIED at the beginning of this performance. This was only the second time he deliberately planned to get up with the band and the first time he also played his guitar. This was in Vancouver, so his friends from the crew were all there to see him sing for the first time. The band was HUGE, there were 2 drumsets, 2 keyboards, 3 guitars plus the bass. They're all his friends and were there to support him, but still there was a lot of pressure. When you get to know him more, you'll be able to see when he puts his different masks on. When he comes out he's not looking at the crowd, fiddling with his guitar & cords, shuffling around the mic. Rob notices and gives him a nod to tell him he's going to do great and he puts on that big fake grin and laughs. Then he forces himself to take a breath, puts on his actor mask, and pretends that he's totally cool and it's just like any other panel. He leans on his guitar and picks out someone to wave to. He knew the words. He absolutely practiced this on his own before he agreed to do it. He was looking at the iPad as a crutch because he was nervous, then it got behind and he started thinking about it and was messing with the foot pedal to get it caught up and he messed up, which made him more nervous. If you notice now, he no longer uses the iPad. It's there if he needs it and Rob controls it, but he very rarely looks at it. (Rob always has it for all the guest singers and himself; he had a stroke in 2013 (he had to re-learn how to talk) and they learn a lot of new songs for each con) By the time he got to the end of the song he got more confident and really got more into it. Right at the end when he yelled, that was more like yeah, I did it! Jensen is a big time cool dude, but he's really an extroverted introvert and singing on stage was really hard for him at the beginning. He's got a lot of layers and is basically the most beautiful man in the world. Everyone loves him and is in love with him. Straight men, gay women, asexuals, doesn't matter. He's awesome.

  4. Oh, you make me very happy. I'm a big Jensen fan. Your reactions to his singing are beautiful. He has charisma, a very pleasant voice and a good vocal range. You actually watch his performance live, which is a big difference from a studio recording. So thanks for your approach.

  5. Yeah… If at any point you start to like Jensen Ackles, I think it is inevitable that you eventually fall in love with him. Apparently, someone asks his wife if there was something that he couldn't do and her answer was "give birth".
    And the guitarist is Billy Moran, from Louden Swain.
    Also, I'm curious: when you said 'I did not expect that', was it in this kind of song, or in this part of the song (since I don't know how familiar you are with the original version)? Because Jensen sure likes to belt so that shouldn't be a surprise.

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