Jensen Ackles SDCC 2018 Roundtable Interview | Fangasm


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  1. It says a lot about Jensen as an actor that he is unsure whether his performance came across the way he wanted it to. This was an incredible challenge for an actor and he wants so badly not to disappoint the fans.

  2. A big "thank you" to all the interviewers for reassuring him that his work in the season 14 clip was great.
    He is so, so talented, and hearing him be nervous about his performance boggles my mind. Not because it wouldn't be concerning, as an actor, taking on what he's taking on, but because I know he's got it in him.

  3. Gosh. The way @JensenAckles pronounces "Allah" is so cute and lovely 😍😘 he got such a heavy accent that makes it almost impossible to miss 😍
    But I have to admit. The guy is right. It's Allah, no ulla 😂😂😍😘
    Btw Allah means God in Arabic and Michael quoting Quran makes me weak. I mean … yes, Jensen is so heavenish 😍

  4. I knew it!! He had mentioned in an interview of Michael meeting up with an angel that was previously on the show. In my mind I was like “Oh for the love of Chuck let it be Sister Jo.” And hearing him say that in this interview just made me the happiest person in the world. Thank you for sharing Lynn!

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