Jennifer Lopez | House Tour 2020 | Multi Million Mansions In Bel Air, Malibu & The Hamptons


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  1. Just found your channel, I love to see how the other half live. All rich and famous lol! I’m in Canada. And would love to live in Las Vegas!!! I have a question ? The non rich and famous, do they run into the famous people when out shopping for grocery’s? Do you contact these celebrities to gather all your info and pictures??

  2. I luv your videos, I'v been subscribed for a minute but haven't seen any I figured you hadn't uploaded anything, it turns out my notifications were set to personalize 🤯. I'm so glad I didn't miss Jlo's 😁

  3. The Malibu Home, hands down is my favorite! Jennifer, has worked very hard to get where she is! Plus she and Mark; use to own a Baseball Team! She's very Industrious! 👍⭐👍⚾

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  5. To bad that she is so fake and she can't sing at all!! She is not a real singer, she's an entertainer not a singer!! She puts on a good show/and facade!! Just go and kill your 👂 🥁 and look up videos of her TRYING to sing!! Doesn't write her own music, and doesn't sing it either

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