Jennifer Lopez – Alive


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  1. Está balada es la más dulce q oi y me motivo mucho Amis emociones y aún que gusta todas sus canciones de ella con toda contemplación única en su gramy de éxitos la admiro a Jennifer López tu fans kathy castro Leonardo del Perú

  2. This song has its strong point about myself as last year I tried invaine to commit suicide and when I listened to this song I poured out my inner emotions to myself asking myself many questions as theres points in this song that I feel are all about me each and every time i listen to this song i just pour out all my inner emotions i guess it's ok for a loser in life to pour out his tears in private

  3. She has an anmazing voice i love her i want to see her one day she inspires me every day won time in 5th grade i was about to do the real starr test and i was so scared and so nervous but i thought of jennifer lopez and i was thinking of her the whole way though and i was so calm just thinking of her and i got meets so that is why i love her and she is amazing and that is why she inspires me.I LOVE YOU JLO SO MUCH💙💖💙💖💙💛💛💛💛💛💛

  4. Canta con Más sentimiento las baladas en Español, sin embargo Jennifer López eres muy talentosa y bella felicidades me recuerdas a mi mamá tan bella y aguerrida que jamás se sabe rendir, por eso ella para mí es la mejor guerrera

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