Jason Isaacs Q & A – about Harry Potter & Alan Rickman


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  1. Thanks for this! I love hearing him talk about Harry Potter! And of course things in general. He's just such a sweet and awesome guy!
    I can't believe the majority of Lucius's character and portrayal was Jason's idea! The costume, the long hair, the cane with the wand in it, the voice, Lucius's line to Harry in Dumbledore's office and then kicking Dobby. It was all Jason! It was like he knew and understood more of the character than JK Rolling and the directors did! I think that's just awesome. Really shows how passionate he was about the character and how much he's passionate about acting!

  2. Ahhh Thanks for posting! This was such a fun Q+A!! Do you have the whole stream? I'd love to watch the whole thing again but I cant find it anywhere!! Please post if you do!! (I'll subscribe to your channel if you do!!**Nudge nudge**wink wink**😜😉😜 just a little not so subtle bribery 😊😋)

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