Jamiroquai – You Give Me Something (Official Music Video)


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  1. 3 years ago in the start of 2017 and having YouTube recommend this to me not knowing wtf to expect (heard his stuff way back in the 90’s just didn’t know the name because I was too young) I had just completed my 90 day probation at my new job and things was looking really good for me at the start of that year. 6 months later and I ended up getting with this chick from SF and around that time I was jamming out to nothing but Jamiroquai. Fast forward February of 2018 (2017 was the best year of my life) went to visit her in SF, went to some bar and they had nothing but Jamiroquai playing but once this song came on (I was already tipsy) I was vibing out singing and dancing with her and the homies having a good ass time. I’ll never forget that day/night, that whole time I was in SF really. Such good memories. If 2017 was a song, this would be it! That year was such a awesome time in my life and that’s something that I will never ever EVER forget. Good times…

  2. I remember cruising with pals listening to this smoking weed with nothing on our minds but to waste our lives for special moments.
    I love my youth friends. We did some innocent Naughty shit and we always did it along tasty music.

  3. Good morning…..

    ….you-Jamiroquai-give me something…..
    Always a good Start into the day if I am listestening to this song………..
    When you with me I just celebrate……😘😙and my heart is Dumping and dancing to your groove….😂😂😂
    THX a lot for ging us this kind of great music

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