I Still Believe (2020 Movie) New Trailer | KJ Apa, Britt Robertson, Shania Twain


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  1. The movie denies Jesus as being the main character. It puts Jeremy Camp's rock star image as the center piece. The love triangle is used to bring drama, to draw the audience in with emotions and feelings. Same thing Hollywood does. Melissa's dedication to God is watered down. The actors do a great job, it just should not be promoted as a Christian movie.

  2. Watched it last night and I couldn't stop crying. It's a beautiful story it reminded me a lot of one of my cousins who lost her battle to cancer 7 years ago. She was definitely a star that shined brighter than others. She was a beautiful person inside and out and her 3 daughters are beautiful just like her.

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  4. it's all about Camp's music career, trying to hook up with a girl & a tragedy. similar to, 'I Can Only Imagine'. it's a nice story but it's suppose to be about, "Christian man's" faith in God from start to finish, I only heard Jesus '1' time throughout the movie.. wow.!! then there's Gary Sinise & Shania Twain. 2 lost people who have no business in this, but are used for marketing & sale tickets. this is why Christianity continue's to decline…when you make a movie about a Christian you have to emphasis Salvation & forgiveness of sins to bring people to Christ but that's a no-no in Hollywood… this was just a "movie"… how appalling. Fireproof is a better.

  5. I still believe is 1st Corinthians 13, miracles do exist, chivalry is not dead and it is all about JESUS in one epic lovestory. I am in tears right now. Thank you Melissa and @jeremycamp for your testimony. It is really inspiring!❤

  6. I've always had an issue with this story, because God's will is that we WILL be healed, it's not His will that we won't be healed. He died for our healing on the cross. So I feel this movie promotes a false message.

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