How Warren Buffett decides if something is a good investment


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  1. 8:50 really shows you the difference when Warren & Charlie Munger say "Its really simple" and people just don't wanna accept the wisdom.
    Warren the greatest investor of a century essentially says invest what you can and wait it out, play the long game.
    Interviewer – "Well, i think there's a little more to it than that" ARROGANCE LOL

  2. n history people come and go warren buffet time is over i am sorry for the followers but the time has change the market, respect and never forget the old wisdom but a new time has come even buffet have to change in thinking

  3. His description of investing in Bitcoin is absolutely ignorant. You can say the same thing about gold, silver, etc. Greater fool theory has no place when there is purpose.

  4. Warren Buffett is a casino gambling tycoon! It's a zero sum game no matter how you look at it. His special strategy involves, 1. have billions of dollars, trade or invest with huge capital, 2. move the market in the process and effectively liquidating hundreds of thousands of retail traders and taking their money in the process 3. profit?? Have you played this game yet???? @t | If you know the mechanics you will understand how trading works. Warren Buffett is the big daddy snakes that grows on small snakes that have no chance of survival, he has even shamelessly made millions of the coronavirus with takeover bids and corporate raiding but no one has a hoot because all we see is a nice old man not a butcher behind closed doors. No multi millionaire or billionaire has ever gotten there trough hard work or merit, I am yet to see one

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