How To Be As Productive As Warren Buffet – 5 Highly Effective Lessons


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  1. Buffet is fake and hypocrite he didn't do anything to help the country in the pandemic as a matter of fact he crashed the airline industry by selling his stocks in these companies instead of giving them confidence

  2. Great video, I agree with most of the tips – very useful, thanks for sharing!! 🙂 However, I disagree with the food part – we should have a diverse diet (as much as possible) and definitely not eat at McDonalds every day. The second thing that is missing (to my mind) – is the mindfulness part – e.g. being in the moment and enjoying and participating in every task you do with your full attention; meditation etc

  3. It is great of course! BUT talking about Buffet and other so called successful people – Buffet beloved late wife left him and never wanted to return in spite of all his requests and offers, his children are very distant from him etc. I know PERSONALLY many very 'successful" people of his type (here and in Europe)- they are lonely and regret it terribly, some of them are heavy drinkers (yes, its true), some are literally very unhappy, they do not know what to do with their money, others became psychologically sick due to the loneliness and inability to communicate… I am talking exactly about those 'SUCCESSFUL' people habits of which you are listing here. Look how many of them have been divorced by their wives and desperately look for new wives…. in their 50-60th ages, but women from Europe and USA do not want them. I do not know how it happens in India, but here it is as it is, so I do not believe that follow mentioned above advises will make MEN happy…. as all your videos as it is obviously are for men only, no women (in 21 century!) are shown ….

  4. Incredibly informative my friend! The quality stuns me, honestly for such a small channel.
    Something is bothering me…
    I really need help with surrounding myself with goal-oriented people. I'm still in HS and the people at my school are majority negative idiots. Anyway, I'm going to try and recruit a group online and we can all do voice calls and get to know one another, give each other advice and things. What do you think?

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