Hard Out Here ~ Lily Allen ~ Lyric Video


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  1. I don't mean to toot my own horn but ………………………. toot toot I said forgotten your balls and grow a pair of tits to my brother when he said it's easy to be a girl😎

  2. i first listened to to this song when i was 5 and obviously did not understand shit, but i remember thinking it was the coolest thing ive ever hear, now i still stand by my judgement. THIS SONG IS BOTH RIGHT AND FAB

  3. Sexual music video, vulgar language, auto-tune, upbeat club music. Yet the lyrics are cynical and feminist. Irony at it's finest. I typically hate music like this, but with how well-played out the irony and sarcasm was in this song, I absolutely love it.

  4. Its no controversial it is TRUE and i Love how this song gets the message, girls, boys,PEOPLE we dont need to be saxualised anymore, we can be ourselves. Its time to realise who we are and who we.want to be. Fuckboys want you to be sexy but does it matter? Youll gonna find people that are gonna love the fucking way you fucking are. Please respect your lives and your bodies. You are beautiful.

  5. I understand most anti feminist points but in this song lily expresses the current problems that American women have very nicely, she’s not anti man, not promoting fatness, and she’s not trying to say women should take over the world like the idiots at buzzfeed. I think this song promotes true 3rd wave feminism the way that it should be very nicely and anyone complaining about this song should go watch a buzzfeed video and see how much worse it can get 🙂

  6. I hope that everone who writes that this song is meant sarcastic know that "if you can't detect the sarcasm you misunderstood" ONLY REFERS TO THE LINES "We've never had it so good/We're out of the woods".
    She says that in reality we still have massive problems.

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