Guy Torry: Ed Norton Had Arguments when We Worked on 'American History X' (Part 5)


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  1. I’m forever grateful my brother showed me this movie, hate is baggage life’s to short to be pist off all the time and the line in the prison bed has anything you’ve done (in anger) made your life any better. this movie is perfection 💯

  2. Torry is dead on about Primal Fear…. That movie will fuck with your head, you won't know who to believe, who did what, why, motive…….. UNTIL THE VERY, VERY END… You will literally say…. WTF.


    Anyway Just a note to share some of our (well kept secrets) HISTORY; with children STAYING HOME & hopefully SAFE.

    VIA;  Curtis J. “Kojo” Morrow (Now Age 87)

    President of the Illinois Chapter of 24th Infantry Regiment Combat Team-Association

    and one the last Buffalo Soldiers 1950-1951… 


    Btw;  it was an honor and pleasure photographing, the historical journey of America’s 1st African American President; Barack H. Obama’s journey to the white house. (2004 to 2008) See Photo-journey attached.


    Knowledge of one’s history, instill’s PRIDE & ENTITLEMENTS. 

    Entitlements many are born into. 

    BOTTOMLINE; Our History  & the Freedom we now enjoy, (Wasn’t FREE) nor all about SINGING & DANCING & SPORTS. 

    many fought and died for it.

    Enjoy. & Share.

  4. Should of won an oscar for that basketball scene…. no way the white boys beat the brothers on the basketball court. Lol great movie, I really like how they show him as a dorky kid in that news flashback where his dad is shot. You can see how one transforms from a nerd into the racist and that can happen from any race

  5. White people NEVER say that we’re “better” than them at ANYTHING, but here we have a prime example of how we never get credited for ANYTHING, and yet we’re willing to forfeit the accomplishments of our brothers and sisters, just to appear “fair” and “honest”, when THEY NEVER ARE!!!

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