Godfather Deer Hunter – John Cazale A Fine Actor Who Worked With The Best Part 1.


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  1. Hey floyd pink if your still around is their anyway u can put the whole "I knew it was you" documentary?I've never seen it.cant afford HBO at the moment cuz of this carona virus.on a tight budget

  2. Richard Dreyfuss is a great actor, but the role of Fredo would have been a very bad fit for him. John Cazale slipped into the skin of the character, seemingly effortlessly. Sad to see that he died so young.

  3. First time I see John Cazale was in Dog Day Afternoon, he really impressed me, then in the Godfather, that scene in Godfather II with Pacino, reclaiming respect, he was amazing, then The Deer Hunter, Cazale give us a wonderful acting moments, always appreciate Mr John Cazale

  4. I think to a certain extent, his name hasn't been stored our collective memories, he avoids the cult of celebrity, and people can, just concentrate on his work. if that makes any sense…

  5. for me it's always his charactor in the deer hunter. and to learn that he made that movie while suffering from his cancer severely. I read that he was in so much pain and struggling that Cimino decided to film all the scenes with john first. a very sad loss. he was a wonderfully talented actor gone way too soon

  6. First, there's no such thing as "brilliant acting." We all act every day. There's nothing difficult about it unless you're a doofus. Second, this guy was mediocre on his good days. Nothing at all special. It never ceases to amaze me how a couple of people in Hollyweird will ballyhoo something or someone, and all the fans just fall into line.

  7. One more thing,my favorite actor is Robert Redford,he is incredible good lookin and just play himselves,and that's good enhough by the thousands!. And his face have an open and light shape in a way that it gives you the impression that he recently got a lovely message from person he really loves deeply!When you add his hair that have the radiance of a ripe field of barley and eyes like the sky above it…..So here you have a man that makes a movie worth looking just because he acts like allwas,-himself!

  8. There are three kind of actors,those who can't play normal even if they have a good looking or not,then the persons that just have all it takes to became a star on the screen and just acts like he allways do on or of the set.. The last are they who know how to transform their whole personality-you may ask yourself,is this the same personality at all?They are the great actors.. John Cazale are a nice person,i'm shore,but to me his face allways gave me the feeling of sadness mixed with deep personal struggles.He leaves you with the expression that here is a guy that carries an ice-pickunder his jacket and it is just a matter of time before he goes berserk!. After looking one of "his" movies,the girls use to coment him as the guy with a weird looking.Ok,they senced the same things that i did,wright?. Allright-Hollywood search for people that distinguish themselves from the crowds,and now and then they bring into the limelight folks that are toodistinguished,and John Cazale is one of them,but i'm shure he was a nice person!

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