GC – It's Bad for Ya


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  1. …. Mr George Carlin . Hey . Get a Johnson . Johnson was an Ignorant lawless Nobody who Stole the lifetimes of so many working folk . May he rest in peace … amen
    The NAACP is sitting saying yeah Johnson gave Us a lot of stolen life we didn't earn .
    Watch the Hell They walk as just possessors of Stolen Life and say There but for the grace of ……………..amen

  2. I LOVE you George and Miss you!
    You told the TRUTH albeit very funny, but the Truth nonetheless.
    I think you posed a threat to some
    ' unclean things ' ( those who have an ear to hear no what I mean), I
    can't help but feel you left us too
    soon. Thank you for leaving us with so much laughter and plenty to THINK ABOUT!!! R.I.P. GEORGE

  3. Imagine that this "life" is just a test of your own design. (cuz your 'god' in this scenario here)
    And you designed this test by scattering yourself EVERYWHERE ACROSS THE "COSMOS", REMEMBER NOW, YOUR THE COSMOS ANNNNND ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, just to live out every possible life form and experience. Just to see if life was truly worth living/existing… therefore everything that happens to you and you to it, dictates your decision in the end….
    If this was truly the case…..
    Wouldnt you live differently?

  4. I think carlin is down there… looking up.. SCREAMING IN AGONY. . . . .

    and STILL…. I'm quite sure hes STILL happier than most the riff raff I see combing these streets like lice on a dirty head. . . RIP Georgie. . . And hopefully there ISNT an afterlife, hence YOU CAN SEE ME, or you might be laughing at me hysterically, ya know? For just whacking on a different tab before switching to this
    Hahaha jkjk

    About the different tab. STILL WHACKED OFF THOUGH!

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