Full TimesTalks; Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci & Nora Ephron


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  1. Apparently this video was done circa 2008 and they said (regarding the Obamas at the White House) they would be there for 8 years. They were talking about the White House Screening Room which was created in Reagan's White House. And the Screening Room was terribly out of date. But what they did not know (and we do) is that the Obamas (whom everyone in this interview loved) would be succeeded by the dtrumpfs who would certainly not love the movie or the interview people or, really, anyone else on this planet except dj trump's small group of supporters.

  2. Meryl is always talking jolly mood and nora ephron i don't know who is she? but she is jealous to Meryl Streep .its very funny.meryl is a good and talented' gorgeous'fabulous'more extraordinary actress in Hollywood .

  3. Meryl Streep has some problem with Nora Ephron. I don't know what it is. It seems to me like Nora Ephron gets on her nerves for some reason. I don't know why. Nora Ephron seems great to me.

  4. Meryl is such a brilliant, accomplished and renowned actor, it's so refreshing to see her "let her hair down," as it were. But what's up with all that tossing, smoothing and fiddling with said hair? Isn't that supposed to be a sign of insecurity or flirting? Or, maybe, after "Doubt," she's simply reassuring herself that it's still there.

  5. Meryl Streep:And she walked across the room and said to me I love you…And I peed a little bit
    lol lol I looove her and this interview.Meryl i love and adore you you are amazing!:) <3 <3

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