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  1. One Hell of an interpretation…. Extremely well done… It's a reality that most everyone has or will experience in their life. Maybe not as serious as this situation in particular, but all can relate where a stressful situation causes a moment of panic where either we've twisted or modified a truth to where it lightens or literally turns us from a culprit to an innocent bystander.

  2. 9.11👁👁remember 2001? I’m going through my life right away and you’re going through a one ☝️ right with me haha a song…. is Sonia I want you know if you’re not doing a one ☝️ game for me?

  3. Since Canada's PC prime minister BRIAN MULRONEY signed the 1992 UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE SUMMIT giving the UN control of our education system (to reprogram society to unthink our past present & future) & allowing UN control of our media we are now 28 years indoctrinated by the UNITED NATIONS. While we were sleeping the UNITED NATIONS has been permitted to dumb us down, cripple all our industries (auto, banking, coal, fisheries, forestries, gas, oil, vacation, agriculture) throughout Canada. And every federal, provincial & municipal governments have had to comply with the UNITED NATIONS narratives to destroy our livelihoods forgetting our pasts with no forsyth of our futures.

    Now today with this 24/7/365 COVID 1984 propaganda pushing us over the edge of common sense thinking is only proving our compliance to UNITED NATIONS control with every useless face mask worn. This only proves when the UNITED NATIONS ask for your children, grandparents, wives & husbands we will comply out of fear & ignorance.

    "The year of my Lord 08/31/2020 as we are scared into giving up our rights & freedom by wearing useless facemasks never have we been this close to a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!"

  4. Very nice movie. Pretty cool that one of the leads (Det. Toohey) was also the writer of the movie. The three male leads are great; I didn't know Tom Wilkinson, but I thought he stood out in his role (no surprise that he's been nominated for awards for other roles). The two female roles are convincingly troubled (for different reasons). I thought the beginning was not very exciting, but the second half quickened – not in terms of action, but for the psychological and emotional tensions that were ratcheting up for all the characters. Nicely filmed and great music. Normally I don't mind (and sometimes even enjoy) films with ambiguous or unresolved endings; if it was intentional and not just sloppy writing/direction, then it makes the viewer think, and even rewatch the movie. But here I was a bit disappointed because there were too many questions left open. But overall, this was a fine piece of work.

  5. Great movie. Really makes you think about human nature. I'm not condoning the actions of people who do this sort of thing, but I understand why, at least for some: Fear. Fear of going to prison over a mistake, as opposed to having malice as the cause. Fear that in these types of situations, people are quick to vilify the defendant, when they themselves are capable of making the same kind of mistake. Fear that the court of public opinion will sway government officials to politicize the event, to further their own agenda: "We will not stand for this type of behavior in our society, and we will seek the maximum penalty in this case to set an example." That sort of polarization can be scary to an individual who faces losing their freedom, family, and career. It's no excuse to lie and cover up the truth, but in our society, where people are much too quick to place blame, and far less willing to forgive, the actions portrayed in this movie can be the result.

  6. Whyyyyyy?!? I hate open endings leaving you to interpret your own personal ending. It's like eating a good meal, and then getting a long hair in your mouth during the last bite. Meal ruined. That's just laziness from the writer.

  7. WARNING, BEWARE 'cause drinking & driving isn't the big problem with hitting a Bicycle & rider in the wee hours of night time on poorly lit streets. They ride with no, or with broken reflectors & , ride in the shadows so they can't be seen. Even If you accidentally hit them while driving sober, under the legal speed limit, prosecutors see a quick path to a prosecution of the driver. It's also an easy sell for a Felony+ conviction and jail time. It's a real resume enhancer for them. Go ahead google it, the newspapers are full of the cases. Then slow down on poorly lit streets!

  8. So I've made mention how (Pride and Glory-the movie) better explains the issue of "corruption! People often take a mental loss in the site of the true issue! This has nothing to do with ANYTHING other than PURE corruption!

    Edit: you really think race would play any difference?! Ummm, NO! It would totally be the same! People of power PROTECT POWER!

    I'm give you one hint, you think the "mafia" gave 2 fucks too who was running the DIRT!

  9. These movies are so predictable cop was at bar drinking gets in his car to drive home gets police courtesy continues driving till he kills someone why is it ok for a cop to get behind the wheel of a car but they arrest everyone else

  10. Wow thanks YouTube, this was just a movie, but real life ,, How some people can easily LIE, NO regards for another human being Life, UNFORTUNATELY this altitude and Behavior by a certain Race of peoples is just to common

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