Farrah Abraham Unrecognizable & Offbeat in Cr*ng*y Tik-Tok Video


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  1. She seriously hates herself so much that she is physically altering her ENTIRE body! I am older and have only had Botox TWICE. I also only got it for migraines , and it did help . Until I had to have triple neck fusions in 2019.

    Her cheeks are so bad. They overwhelm her face.

    She was so pretty when she was a teen.

  2. Sofia’s straight up screwed… I think there’s no hope! She’s poisoned and there’s no going back. It’s really truly sad. 🤨 and her face is a mess… she doesn’t look like she’s in her 20’s, she’s made herself look like a plastic 40 year old.

  3. I mean i think its wrong for Sophia to be doing the inappropriate things that she does… And that Farrah allows it but im sorry there is sooo many kids on tick tok that act way worse and dress way worse at her age and age range.
    Parents really need to start parenting and stop letting electronics parent their children so they can sit on their lazy ass and do nothing.

  4. She probably didn't practice, she probably just got on there with her daughter… tf is wrong with you. And she gets a crap ton of surgery because of people constantly making fun of her. Im not shure about you but it doesn't make me feel any prettier by calling someone else ugly.

  5. I hate to sound like a troll bercause i hate those BUT I have not found ANYTHING about Farrah for YEARS that is not just NASTY. Does she really think that she is getting better looking with all her procedures instead of looking more and more like a warped blow up doll?? I mean I know she has never realized how ugly and nasty she is on the inside but how can you be so ridiculously blind to what can actually be seen with the naked eye?? That poor child is going to need therapy until she's 90 to heal from her childhood and I mean every single aspect of her childhood including her grandparents that HAVE to be messed up in the head to have EVER supported her and her disgusting ideals of what parenthood or just life in general is supposed to be like. I cant say it enough, that poor poor child, that poor poor child, that poor poor child, that poor poor child, that poor poor poor poor poor pooor pooooooooooooooooor child!!!!!

  6. Where is this girls head at the song lyrics are so inappropriate for any child and yet. Sophia seems to know all the words not to just this song but a lot of others too farrah needs to give her head a wobble and start thinking about Sophia cos she's gonna have serious issues with her soon

  7. She used to be coordinated. WAYYYY to much plastic makes the body not move! Just like her top lip! I'm so worried for Sophia. She has no idea how nasty, and delusional her mother has become.

  8. She does not look pretty at all. She looks like she's a life size plastic doll. Poor Sophia seeing her mom do all of this crap to herself is going to make her start thinking that she's not pretty enough or not good enough. I don't think Farrah will be the next tic toc star. If she gets any views it'll probably be from people that will just want to see her act like a fool.

  9. This woman is certifiable not to mention worst MOTHER ever…she is getting to be scary looking. Whatever Dr. is doing her surgeries is not a good Dr. Because he is doing wayyy wayyy to much! Wow and NO..SHE IS THIRSTY AS HECK!

  10. Loved the winking, she is just trying so hard that it is sad. I feel so bad for her daughter cause her daughter doesn’t even realize how embarrassing this is for her one day.

  11. I wonder what Farrah makes per year now? It CAN'T be NEAR as much as she made while she was on Teen Mom & I don't just mean her T.M. salary; I mean her endorsement deal HAVE to have decreased SIGNIFICANTLY since she was fired from the show. I also wonder what her net worth is now as well (I don't trust Google because that answer is probably what she was worth like 5 yrs. ago.).

  12. She looks fake. She use to be so pretty. And why do ladies think these big duck lips look good? And she can not dance!! Goodness!! I'm embarrassed for her.

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