Farrah Abraham Confronts The Dog Company She Accuses Of FRAUD!


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  1. She must be one of the rudest and delusional pieces of shit to ever have walked the earth. It’s like she had a baby so she can finally have a friend. Nobody in their right mind would put up with her.

  2. This chick is nuts and she needs to just give up because she will never be famous. She needs to change they way she speaks to people because she is not better than anyone! She is disgusting and her life is just sad because she is a horrible person

  3. I haven't seen anything about Farrah in a hot minute. Oh 💩 that face. 🥺Good Golly She accused the lady on the phone of a hate crime. She should use that on her surgeon! He obviously can't stand her.

  4. She really is a disgusting human being if anyone is a fool farrah it is you she is so self absorbed Im so happy she couldn't adopted the puppy she can't even take the right steps with her daughter yet alone and animal who dose this kinda stuff?! thank god people got in touch and updated this company I'm so so happy she did nt get the puppy she should nt be responsible for any living thing that is one hundred percent a ribbon the abuse this women dose with animals and her daughter I guarantee Sophia is going to have so many problems bc of her messed up mother god bless Sophia

  5. I looked up small dog muzzles and they look just like. Thats actually one of the more humane ones that she has on her dog. It even says on the humane society website if there's an emergency how to muzzle your dog with just using a rope or their leash.maybe the dog happened to be snapping or maybe she was scratching or biting on herself nobody knows what's actually going on and I feel like it's very wrong for anybody to make that kind of judgment call.people just talk stuff about her for fun.no reason this women feels the need to be so defensive.people get a life .There are people all over the internet judging her.There are so many people doing the same shit . Painting ponys for party's and dogs.letting there kids be on the internet wearing barely any clothes people get a life .good for her stand up for herself.

  6. Well my friend has a muzzle that looks just like that and someone else said she had a ribbon on her dog and they sent someone out to check and guess what the people were wrong it was a muzzle its the way it looks

  7. Farrah is a beyond ridiculous. I feel for Sophia, but her situation is her own mother's fault. She exploits her and has done so since birth. The PuppySpot may have done her wrong, idk but she treats people like they are inferior to her. It is disgusting!

  8. Farrah to animal control: “It’s your job to do due diligence before contacting somebody w/hateful, disgusting, unprofessional behavior that I will not tolerate.” (Word vomit) From me to Farrah: Why didn’t YOU do your due diligence on this company before buying? Don’t give this nut bag an ounce of grace. Farrah is disrespectful, hateful, & just plain stupid. You don’t want your child hurt? Keep her out of the public eye. This is all on Farrah. She doesn’t need another child OR pet.

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