Everything Kylie Jenner Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR


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  1. What I love about this video is that it's realistic. It's not a "health freak" diet, she has variety and CARBS. It just shows that most celebs are probably not on theses plant based/ clean/ vegan…diets all the time.

  2. Why is there a documentary support baby born out of wedlock and does kylie have a proper education, a degree or smart enough? Ppl need to stop supporting ppl who have no cause, mo degree and no moral values simple. She does not need our money save it.

  3. I love Kylie shes so real and cute and such a great loving mom!! Hey guys why all the bone broth ?? for the collagen and b vitamins?? love her — if anyone sees this please answer about why all the bone broth – i must be missing out and wanna research bb more

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