Erin Andrews: The Fight Of Her Life (Part 1) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News


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  1. Make no mistake: that money she got is going to come out of the pocket of ordinary families on vacation and so forth. When a hotel's liability insurance goes up…..guess who they pass the cost on to. So all the people applauding her for this…..consider that.

    And by the way: how many locker rooms has she walked around where the guys aren't wearing anything? I hear that complaint from players all the time.

  2. Wherever you are and hopefully that you are okay now, just know Gods got you! This man deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life. I know that there is strength in you and you were able to get through this time with the strength you have. We as women have to know that when we are being targeted like this by males that there is a inner voice and strength that we have that speaks louder than words can or ever will. I want you to know you are protected by our laws and we have a voice as women more than ever to lead and become powerful leaders of this nation. Let us never forget that we stand more than femininity and softness. We are warriors and strong woman leaders fighting everyday for our children and husbands, we demand equal or more pay and respect! We have surpassed so many things in our lifetime that words can never begin to describe those milestones. For speaking against these abusers and standing your ground you are allowing other women to stand up against abuse and sexual harassment in all countries around the world. Please continue to share and spread these stories we women need more of them just so we can see how strong we really are.

  3. You don't want to let it go, Ms. Andwers…
    I am not saying it's not a terrible thing that happened to you…but you are giving that creep's dirty deed so much power over you…figure out what's keeping you from letting it go and taking back the power over you…it's been 12 yrs, many people went through ordeals/tragedies 10×, 20× more terrible than this and they worked through it ( remember Elisabeth Smart?) and moved on with their lives…it's for your own good….and stop rehashing over and over

  4. Nothing is going to stop people like Barrett in this day in age of social media. It's actually enabling these predators. They can check out a trending photo on IG, go follow that person and the victim wouldn't even know it. It's scary.

  5. What is the point of constantly saying the NFL is a male dominated industry? You may as well say the ocean is a liquid dominated body of water.

  6. Erin I care about you lil lady. Try and forgive. It's important that you do. Stop and think. If we want to be forgiven in the end. We must forgive to be forgiven. Love ya lil lady. Your my favorite. Please pray and think about what I asked you. Love you lil lady.❤

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