Duran Duran – Hold Back The Rain


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  1. The story behind the lyrics was told by both John Taylor and Simon Le Bon in an episode of VH-1's Behind The Music. Simon felt that John was "going off of the rails a little bit at that time…John was staying out too late, taking too many drugs, drinking too much, and going home with the wrong kind of people."

    John's recollection was that no-one had warned him "about the pitfalls. It seemed like…'Drugs? That's what The Beatles did, that's what The Rolling Stones do, that's what The Clash do, why wouldn't you wanna take 'em?'.".

    Instead of confronting John with his concerns, Simon wrote the lyrics to "Hold Back The Rain". However, it would be another twelve years before John faced up to his addictions and get clean and sober. As John said about his habits; "Sometimes you really need to take yourself to the edge in order to realise that this isn't the right place."

    To this day, Simon has no idea of what John thinks of the lyrics. "The night I wrote it, I just slipped a copy of it under his door, and he's never even mentioned it to me, never. Never."

  2. This is the best, even the only good, version of "Hold Back The Rain". Excellent bass play from John Taylor. I love the slapping bass on top of that tropical arrangement. "Last Chance On The Stairway" is also very good, and combines those elements brilliantly as well, albeit a little slower.

  3. Can someone please tell me what version this is? I suspect it is the CD version, but don't know where else I can find it. Had a look on iTunes and found nothing but butchered remasters, and listened to the cassette last night and found half the lyrics missing. This is my favourite version, has a certain kick to it that the other versions lack

  4. While The Chauffeur is their masterpiece, and Hungry Like the Wolf is their most popular song, this is my favorite – irreverence and silliness masking deepness, and musically happy transcendence!

  5. Opening movie scene: It's the 80s guy is driving to work listening to this song jamming out he pulls into the parking lot gets out takes of his jacket to reveal a nazi ss uniform puts on his cap and smiles "times to go to work" walks his happy ass into the Nazi American SS headquarters. 🙂

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