David Arquette Loses in Brutal and Bloody Wrestling Death Match! | TMZ Live


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  1. TMZ morons, especially Mr. Fake Blood smark.

    Yes, it’s predetermined.
    Yes, they are working together.
    And yes, they are legit hurting each other.

    Sheesh. Go check out CZW TOD and grow some balls.

  2. Tmz are idiot and you dint know shit about the pro wrestling bussines. Nothing is fake unless if your only watch wwe. Im a indy wrestler and i have been a worker for 10yr and i know Nick Gage very well. Fuck you guys

  3. I was in pro wrestling and they don’t use fake blood, it’s called blading. You guys look at WWE as wrestling, that’s more entertainment. These people deal with pain just like any athlete. I left the business due to an injury.

  4. One minute you're fucking Courtney Cox in her prime & winning the WCW world title in front of tens of thousands and millions watching at home the next you're getting sliced open in front of nobody, That's life.

  5. David Arquette is a movies star, he does not need any type of independent wrestling money! They barely pay anything! yet he still chooses to wrestle! as a wrestling fan my entire life we open we welcome him with open arms!

  6. David Arquette never seemed like the smartest guy why in the hell would u even be in the arena for this garbage let alone in the ring with these inbred ex con animals who call themselves pro wrestlers and have no athletic ability what so ever that's why they resort to this death match crap

  7. I hope something real bad happens to the employees of TMZ. Not sure how they can sleep at night. They have no right to take any pride whatsoever in what they do. Couldn’t cut it on a real news show, so this is what they do. NO MORALS. Pieces of garbage

  8. TMZ and everyone who works there are terrible human beings. Just awful people with no moral sense. And they no nothing about wrestling, which this is not. They don’t know what they’re talking about

  9. “I’ve never heard of them using real weapons like this” “sometimes the blood in wrestling is fake” There’s no such thing as “fake” weapons or “fake” blood in wrestling.

    Also this death match is just as “fake” as any other wrestling, the only fake part is the result is pre determined and you know if you’re going to win or lose and you work with eachother. That’s the only part that’s ever been fake

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