Darby Camp & Judah Lewis Discuss Netflix's "The Christmas Chronicles"


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  1. Reply anytime if you have something to say. Call me crazy, but I think I wish Teddy had two siblings, Kate and an even littler sister. I think I wish it was similar to Sagwa. Dougwa, and Sheegwa. Sorry if you criticize for bringing this up, but I just think there were still many more things about Sagwa, Dougwa, and Sheegwa. I think Teddy, Kate, and their hypothetical, littler sister would make the movie interesting being a slight reminder of the Siamese cats or something. Sorry, I will remove this comment if you deem this comment not so interesting.

  2. I met Kurt Russel in a Dutch train, of all places. He was going to watch his son’s hockey match; who played in The Netherlands. Very weird to see such an A-lister alone in a train.

  3. As of the 16th of February 2019 at 10:36am there is 121 comments and 18% is something like this

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