DANIEL CRAIG: Shirtless & Sexy James Bond (The Graham Norton Show)


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  1. He’s a liar, I did the body stunt double for the beech scene, couldn’t keep Caterina Murino from stalking me for 4 bloody weeks after that. Had to get a court order.

  2. When Dame Judi Dench came on against Pierce Brosnan as a sexist for the first time with her uppity feminist lines calling him an old sexist Dinosaur that did it, I was done with this chick and the Bond franchise. I never wanted a woman to be the boss of James Bond, that took away from his manhood. I never watched them anymore. Beside, no one has ever replaced Sean Connery

  3. Best freakin BOND ever!!!!! I will cry when he retires Bond…..idc how old Daniel Craig gets he is so freakin SEXY!!! 👅👅👅😍😍😍😍😻😻😻 omg he just makes me blush

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