Cyberpunk 2077 – Grimes performing 4ÆM live at The Game Awards


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  1. Please read reviews of portals such as, and others. Premiere soon, gameplay supposedly weak. I am not surprised at all. Hype is big, which means that the game may be poor (As with movies, the triler is better than the movie). Apparently driving is poor, opponents take balls like butter knife. Play in The Last of Us 2 there is power during the fight. your game is like Deus ex, do something to stand out because there will be no success.

  2. Square Enix and Tabata graciously gave us several tech demos for Final Fantasy 15

    It was fairly simple: just a little exploration, playing with the particle effects and physics; the fight with the iron giant was epic. Those who completed the demo could send a feedback survey. It would be great if CD Project did something similar.

  3. First and second delay, fine. But this new delay, is not ok. Stop taking preorder money and pushing back the date. LIKE I SAID MONTHS AGO YOU ALL LIED AND DAM WELL SHOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING HONEST AND SAID CYBERPUNK 2077 IS NEXT GEN ONLY. CDPR IS NO DIFFERENT THEN ACTIVISION BLIZZARD AND UBISOFT. CDPR IS PUSHING THE DATE BACK ONLY TO PLEASE INVESTORS AND TO PUT CYBERPUNK 2077 OUT AT HOLIDAY TIME FOR MORE MONEY=GREED. YOU ALL LIED AT CDPR, SAYING WEEKS AGO AND SAID " CYBERPUNK 2077 IS ON TRACK FOR A SEPTEMBER RELEASE". LIARS!!! The fans where understanding with the first and second delay, now CDPR shows their true colors and is no different then the other greedy game companies. I hoped you all where different and fan friendly. This delay is ONLY BECAUSE OF NEXT GEN AND TO GET MORE MONEY FOR HOLIDAY GREED.
    CDPR = 3/10.

  4. Honestly CDPR I don't understand why you partnered with Xbox, Xbox players won't appreciate your story driven games because they hate "movie like games" they trash Sony for story driven games they only care about multiplayer so extremely awkward that you didn't just partner with Sony since you both love story driven games and the PS5 looks like something from your game so it's literally perfect yet you choose Xbox why LMFAO 😂 just saying it ruins your image might want to think about going independent or choosing a better company to partner with.

    Xbox players trash PlayStation for "movie like games" because they're story driven so aren't they trashing your games? It's extremely hilarious, cringey and awkward you guys are still with Xbox oh well say bye bye to your reputation if you ever decide to be owned to them lol how embarrassing would that be? 😂 Being owned, being a slave to the most garbage lazy pathetic excuse for a video game company. But then again it would be ironic asf you submitting to the evil corporations you so claim that you're against.

    I'm not saying you should be bought by Sony like an exclusive games company like Naughty Dog what I am saying though it makes more sense for you to partner with Sony.

    Well I suppose this is what it is:

    Sony has a partnership with R*

    Microsoft has a partnership with CDPR

    Still I'm not seeing Sony shoving Rockstar down people's throats nearly as much as Xbox is with CDPR Oh wait what is that? Because Xbox has nothing and the only exciting thing they have is CDPR LOL

    Sony is it's own boss.

    Rockstar is it's own boss.

    Microsoft is it's own boss but isn't confident.

    CDPR isn't it's own boss, it's a slave leashed to Microsoft.

    The proof? Every E3 Event is Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft embarrassing! Do you see Rockstar using Sony to get major exposure? No because Rockstar is it's own boss. Pathetic! CDPR is PATHETIC they'll never have my respect until they stop being a little bitch and become their own boss.

  5. CD PROJECT RED needs to drop GOG when they can't even keep a simple forum open to new registrations a company could be losing customers because of an affiliates incompetence. especially right in the middle of the pre order hype period the last thing you need is the people charged with public connections NOT allowing connections to occur. GOG has always been pretty crappy maybe not as crappy as steaming pile of ** but CDPR should use someone else for PR GOG is not doing you any favors!

  6. PLEASE ALLOW US TO JOIN FACTIONS at some point in Cyberpunk 2077. Endgame content or even in DLC….it would add sooooooo much in the way of replay value!! PLEASE CONSIDER IT! We will mod it to do so that’s a given! But you have a whole team (just a line of code to allow player to use say corporate housing, clothing, and mods at like max level or something) from a fellow voodoo boy 🇭🇹🙏🏾

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