Criss Angel Mindfreak: Mass Levitation Trick (Season 5) | A&E


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  1. How to perform a Criss Angel illusion:
    1. When selecting candidates, always make sure they are on the payroll.
    2. Record with a $40,000 camera so the final product can be an over-exposed video in 240p.
    3. Tell the cameraman to zoom in randomly, shake, and use awkward angles at all times.
    4. Chop up the video in post-production to edit out anything that would mislead viewers into believing magic isn't happening.

  2. What's up with all the hate anyway? People used to love this show 10 years ago. Went to see the guy in Vegas two months ago and he has the best magic show I have ever seen. He does 3 different levitations literally inches away from the audience, vanishes, teleports, and does close up magic with great skills. He's def a talented guy.

  3. Seriously? Astounding us with hyraulic lifts between the cracks and “levitating” new orleans street stunt gadgets under those rugs? Dude…. That was just awful.

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