Christina Applegate on Father’s Day & Dead to Me


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  1. I try to find good stuff on Netflix, and it’s hit or miss – usually miss, especially after the first season (Stranger Things) or the third season (Orange is the New Black), but so far, Dead To Me after two seasons is still keeping my interest.

  2. I binge watched the 2 seasons in 3 days. Verdict, it was fantastic ! Both Christina & Linda were amazing ! FYI, I had huge crushes on both of them in my younger years. 1 thing about Christina stood out that I am very curious about. She is seen smoking in both seasons & as a breast Cancer survivor I am shocked that she would even be associated with smoking, whether she is smoking real or fake cigarettes. She a double mastectomy in 2008 & another Cancer preventative related procedure in 2017.She admitted that had she not had a mammogram when she did, she wouldn't be around today. Does anyone know whether or not she is a regular smoker again or not ? I certainly hope that she is not ! If she is, then her death wish will come sooner rather than later !

  3. Funny that she said that she went down a rabbit hole reading reviews because I just went down a rabbit hole watching christina applegate interviews all night

  4. Starting from a show like MARRIED WITH CHILDREN and child star, then sex symbol the her own show on a network, more movies and now Dead 2 me..Christina is a huge success and really funny & nice.

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