Christina Aguilera – Hurt (Official Music Video)


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  1. Never take your loved ones for granted 💔😭😭❤️ cuz you never know what's gonna happen…when that last time you see or talk to them could be the last so be kind and love with your whole heart and don't be afraid to tell people how much u love them

  2. Since the day this came out it made me cry from the loss of my grand parents.. now I lost my dad after a quick reunion after being kept apart by my mother (which I love too)
    But i made the mistake of not staying with him near the end..I should've and after going back home I kept putting off phone calls cuz I dunno I was being selfish and stupid and I lost everything like he was trying to save me from but I didn't listen and in the end i couldn't tell him I'm sorry and that he was everything to me and I was wrong..I'm broken and in tears today on my daughter birthday 💔😭😭 cuz I can't be with her today cuz of the covid-19 lockdown and I'm now the parent sick with cancer needing my kid but she's too far away 😥

  3. Me and my sister would always imagine losing our father everytime we'd hear this song,its a strong song it really hit home for my sister.Hopefully we aren't the only ones who'd imagine such a day like that with this song ig it's hard not to.
    To the reader:Have a wonderful day,today,tomorrow and stay forever strong.

  4. This song hits home for me. My mother passed away before we could resolve our issues and I can’t even tell you how many time I listened to this song and just cried my eyes out.

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