Christian Bale Says 'American Psycho' Cast Thought He Was The Worst Actor Ever


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  1. lol I love how Bale is trolling and I knew that people will take it out of context, people today are so stupid. I read the whole interview in which Bale said it. '' Worst actor ever '' etc. is Bale's typical black, self-deprecation humor. I read this entire interview / conversation on the 20th anniversary of American Psycho, where this Bale's quote is from. And the point was exactly this 0:45 ''until he saw the film that he changed his mind'' . American Psycho cast said that Bale is a genius in this role after seeing the finished film, because during the filming, the rest of the actors simply did not understand Bale, because Bale completely isolated himself on the set. And Willem Dafoe said during this 20 years anniversary- roundtable that he always thought Christian Bale is brilliant in this role. Most angry comments here didn't understand that. the American Psycho cast didn't understand what Bale was doing at first, he was so strange on the set. only after they saw finished movie, they understood what Bale did and they said he was brilliant. so Bale was really a genius ahead of its time, that's the point.

  2. you people in these comments are so dumb. 🤣 did you watch the entire video? I read entire interview in which this was said. the point was, Lucas said that they simply did not know what Bale was doing while filming, bcoz he acted strange and after watching the movie, they understood and said Bale was brilliant in this role. Lucas said that. People are just so stupid and don't read / watch completely and then they discuss things out of context. Bale was ahead of its time.

  3. And this is exactly true sign of the genius – when you are ahead of your time and do something that at first seems stupid or incomprehensible to the rest of the world, and then it turns out, that it was brilliant, and history and everyone agrees with you. Only after watching the finished film, the rest of the cast understood what Bale was doing and they admitted that he was a genius in this role. Including Willem Dafoe said, Christian was incredible. Bale was an absolute genius in this role, there is a video on YouTube, with the original American Psycho script vs the scene, just watch video titled : ''American Psycho (2000) – Hip To Be Square | Screenplayed'' here on youtube. And you can see, what a genius Bale is, because in the script there were no instructions at all, it's all improvised by Bale alone. Bale himself added all these fantastic details: dance, screams, gestures. He is hilarious.

  4. Christian Bale is absolutely one of the best actors out there. I didn't even see American Psycho until it was on DVD, but I thought he did an amazing job with it. He was that film. 10/10. Anyway. I would say more, but I have to return some videotapes.

  5. I think the people who think that Bale over acted missed the point of the movie. Which then makes sense as to why the cast thought he was bad because they didn't know what direction the movie would go

  6. The breakup scene and the phone confession are some of my favorite scenes of all time. So brilliantly acted.
    "I killed her with a chainsaw. I had to. She almost got away" it scares me how well he played a crazy person

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