Christian Bale interview part 2


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  1. A true actor, seriously. He's amazing! He's serious and portrays characters with deep knowledge of them. He goes in deep within the mind of his characters. I love that. TRUE ARTIST.

  2. This guy is a good interviewer. The whole conversation flows, it didn't seem like Q & A with dead air in between. I really respect actors that think about the roles they play, do research & get into the characters. I'm not a fan of comic books but I love the Spiderman & Batman films.

  3. He is one of the greatest actor in the world ! love him so much. I do not agree with ppl who says that heaths performance is better then his. His role is batman who is supposed to be in the shadows, batman is a sad person/hero and Chrisitan Bale nails it so perfect! i actually got teary-eyed in the dark knight because it was so perfect !

  4. Heath and Bale roles in the movie are different so no Heath did not own Christian Bale. They both did great job. CB has done a lot of different versitle acting. One of the best.

  5. I didn't it should be gory in order to be seen as violent, but what I mean is Nolan obviously toned it down so that even children could watch. There are many many other violent movies that people dont mind their children watching, yet they get hung up on the dark knight cuz they mistake it for being too violent with the fact that it's just realistic. Agree with last part

  6. but certainly not too much, I wouldn't say it was too much for children. Not gory, nothing like that, just showed enough for one to understand and see the realism but not overboard. But then again, this Batman universe of Nolan is mainly to make it realistic, or atleast more realistic than it has been portrayed before

  7. The Dark Knight wasn't violent in the way the interviewer explains it, not too violent for children, maybe for retarded children. There was no blood. He is confusing in how realistic it is, when showing Harvey's tragedy for instance, very realistically made, you feel that ugly feeling of how things get when they turn out bad.

  8. Hell yeah, I agree, I want Bale to become legendary, and he's on that path. He's a fantastic actor, and a good person who, like ALL HUMANS, has made mistakes but shouldn't be shunned because of them. He's still awesome.

  9. Bale is a class-act, no matter what people may view him as due to what has been brought to light recently. He's a TALENTED actor and as a human being, he seems very worldly. I expect to see years and years of Bale's work and see him hit "DeNiro Status" one day.

  10. ya think? I thought the interviewer did a fantastic job because he asked he didn't let Christian revert back to his Batman 'stump speeches' or 'talking points.' You could tell the questions were new and he actually had to think before he answered them.

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