Christian Bale Freaks Out on Set w/ SUBTITLES OF CREW in background


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  1. The cinematographer was a notorious jackass who would go around and change things mid-filming. Christian Bale finally snapped at him.
    From what I've heard, basically everyone in the industry is on Bale's side, since the the guy was wasting a lot of time and money.
    You can hear the director snickering in the background

  2. Conrext: Christian Bale was doing a scene and the Cinematographer kept changing settings mid scene. He's known as a jackass in the industry, so Bale snapped at him. The rest of the crew calls it karma

  3. Hes just intense. And he takes his roles seriously and apparently on set everyone wasnt taking the job seriously all throughout the film and he blew up when people still werent taking things seriously. You cant blame him hes doing his job.

  4. I wonder why some of this is with an American accent. Not even all of it, only some of it. It's like he's alternating between British and American while shouting, ranting and turning the air blue. LMAO

  5. From what I can tell the cameras are not rolling, hence, no video, just audio, the Director of Photography is checking the lighting for the next shot, Christian Bale sees the Director of Photography doing some last second checking, and goes on a tirade.
    Real nice guy, that Christian Bale. 10 out of 10 Professionalism. Cripes, what a Class-A Diva!

  6. Just so people know. Bale is English. His parents are English. Well one I think, the other is south African. He was born in wales but moved to England straight away, hes never lived in wales. He identifies himself as completely English

  7. So he is taking some serious time getting into character. When some amateur comes fucking up scenes by distracting him it will piss you off. When you work your ass off in the heat, have to remember lines, get into character, and you have the scene almost done and someone distracts you like that… have a right to be pissed off. Your also the freaking star of the show so you have a shit ton of pressure. I do not think anything of this except he was having to deal with shit on set.

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