christian bale different accents


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  1. Which means almost nothing at all.
    It is most likely down to a lot of exercise (dude is very well built) and diet. It is proven that exercise will increase your health thus making you look younger.

  2. All together, you will look younger and maybe, just maybe, could become either Patrick Bateman or Batman. Either one is the same, just either remove the e or put it in and there you go. Then listen to some Huey Lewis & The News while beating up the Joker.

  3. I mean , you shameless imperialists have been profiting off the accomplishments of the Welsh , the Scots , the Irish and the Scots-Irish ( From whom I`m descended , BTW why do ya`ll call `em " Ulster Scots " when I`m pretty damn sure they`re in more places than just Ulster ) for centuries ! The legend of King Arthur ? Created by the Welsh , then stolen first by the French ( From whom I`m also descended ) and then by the English ( You guys ) who still take credit for it to this day !

  4. And , I wouldn`t be so sure of that if I were you ! His haircolor , beard in certain Films and features definitely look more Welsh than English to me ! His immediate family may be English , he may have grown up and been educated there but that doesn`t mean he doesn`t have some Welsh ancestry somewhere down the line ( When you`re born somewhere other than your parents` native country , chances are you`ve had ancestry there at some point ! ) Oh and the English wouldn`t exist without the Welsh !

  5. Technically speaking , Christian`s an Anglo-Welsh Naturalized American citizen . Born in Wales , grew up in South London , naturally has a Southern English accent though it`s become Americanized over the years and identifies as English and moved to America 20-something years ago .

  6. Christian`s real accent is Southern English though his Voice is now Americanized from living here for so long and playing so many American characters and sometimes when he`s angry which isn`t as common in Real Life as in his Films his Welsh roots slip through as they did in his notorious " Terminator Salvation " Set Rant in response to a set assistant named Bruce ironically enough interrupting an emotional scene to change a light , walking in front of the camera to do so , twice .

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