Chris Lowe from Pet Shop Boys in COVID-19 Quarantine


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  1. Hello Chris, I’m 70´ generation and I love 80’ and 90’ music. In my opinion the best period of synth music. Well done, but I miss very much old PSB from those period. I try hold alive similar synth style in my composition on my youtube account. Thanks PSB for inspiration for many years when I studied your music. Greetings from Czech Republic, DK184

  2. This is brilliant. It’s only taken 35 years to see this side of Chris, but well worth the wait.
    And the sigh at the end, like it was all one massive chore, is hilarious.
    Love you Chris!

  3. Fantastic. I've always known Chris can play REALly well, cool to see him go at it like this. Does anyone know what type of keyboard he's playing? Thought it was a proper piano at first, but varying the synths sounds too, obviously not. Or the program on the iPad? Just curious. Someone else in comments noticed what I did- he has a bit of tape covering the iPad's camera, interesting. Enjoyed the clip, thanks.

  4. Really, I try to listen again and I realize that it is great no matter what.
    Since we have been waiting for a 100% acoustic Pet Shop Boys concert: we can still wait …
    Chris, stop the bullshit.

  5. Tomorrow is now……classic PSB track for our times, can't believe Neil and Chris are now both in their 60s, I remember them on TOTP when I was a young teenager in the 80s! – Stay safe, stay well 😷X

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