Casey Affleck on Dale & Holley with Keefe. He may have news about Ben Affleck's future as Batman


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  1. Lol, comic book fan boys are going into damage control now.

    Affleck is leaving because he thought the movies he was going to star in were going to be like Nolan's Batman. Instead he was handed crap that heavily resembles Marvel, and this man cares too much about his career and will not allow it to be ruined like Dare Devil ruined it the first time.

  2. Ben Affleck is not going to be Batman after the Justice League movie and it's not because his brother made a statement
    In Comic Con when asked about it himself Ben said he feels honored to be Batman and that he loves the character and stuff but never confirmed or denied the rumors
    He did the same thing when he was supposed to direct The Batman film but later we found out that he wasn't gonna be the director
    With JL coming out in November no one is gonna say anything about the matter being afraid that the news of his departure will affect the movie's box office.
    We are gonna have a nice polite statement about Ben leaving the role approximately 1 month after the movie is out

  3. I whould´t even go with that as news. He is not part of the production or working with Ben on this movie. Brothers or not, Ben is professional working under contract he is not gonna spill this kind of news to his brother. It´s a joke people.

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