Broken Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Tim Roth Movie HD


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  1. The film is beautiful – however, it has nothing on the book. It omitted and altered facts that were essential to the storyline. For all of you who have watched the film – and enjoyed doing so – I recommend you to read the book. The story has so much more to it than the film portrays.

  2. Read the comment about "To Kill a Mockingbird" below. Skunk even looks like Scout. Indeed it is a modernization of that 1960 movie. (Credit to alexlover14).

  3. Looks like a great movie.  I love Tim Roth.  Too bad I'll never see this because the producers and cinematographer decided to shoot in the ultra pretentious and moment-killing shaky-cam "style".  I'm not talking about the action scenes.  I'm talking about the dialogue scenes where two people are simply conversing with each other.  Hold the camera still.

  4. Having read the book, this trailer doesn't show the whole plot at ALL, though if you've read To Kill a Mockingbird it very obviously is a modern retelling. It was a lovely book and has a brilliant cast – can't wait to see how it plays on screen. Though I do wish that Tim Roth would direct again.

  5. I like this kind of movie shooting!! 99% is handheld and feels so naturalistic, the shot where the car drops, the dancing man in the parking lot, the teachers getting kicked!!.. =D (Y)

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