Britney Spears – Piece Of Me


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  1. I hate what the media did to her, she was a rising star she seem like the sweetest girl and all the paparazzis and all the intrution into her life end up destroying her, now that she's destroyed they no longer pay attention and people criticise her for being acting crazy….well thats what you get when You don't respect the life of an artist and you only care about the best photos

  2. In the name of the Industry! They said!
    Nowadays, we have people doing things that are so disgusting, and they are cheer up every day and teens look up to them!
    Filming death people, behaving like 10, misleading young generations, sexualization etc…
    She was used and abused by everyone, no one to defend her, those days wore the worst for artists. Critics after critics, fat and slut shaming for selling more!
    She is such a talented and good spirit person, didn't deserve the mental shaming or mistreat by the media and others.
    I would break too, if I couldn't breathe and everyone was watching me all the time!
    I miss 00s pop! She is the queen!

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