Brassed Off Tribute: 'Rodrigo's Concierto De Aranjuez' with Pete Postlethwaite


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  1. I was born in a miners house on a miners estate my grandad my dad worked all his life in the pit , but i left school at fifteen , to nothing just ended up in jail and went throw the system , only to spend years in there , 20 yrs in there , got out 35 , and moved to london , got a job spent 22 yrs working never been in trouble again , all i needed was a good job! Got married had kids ! But i would of never gone there but followed all the men down the pit when we left school as every did !!! But maggie recked lives coz whole areas had no work no hope no jobs , it invited crime drugs and whole communites ruined

  2. What the British Establishment did (and continue to do) to the ordinary working man and woman in this country is nothing short of criminal. The closure of the Pits, the dockyards, and the gradual closure of our steelworks a deliberate act to destroy the very heart of the British working man and woman. Part of a sinister plan to force us to bow down to the jack-boot of a German controlled Europe.
    A message to all ….”Native British people matter!”

  3. Never forget that films like this are a reminder of the men and women whose lives were trashed by the economics of greed and avarice. Dressed up by Thatcher and company as national pride. Men like my dad.

  4. I’ve just revisited for a cry. I come from Altofts but now I live in Poole, Dorset. Why? because in 1959, mum and dad sat me down one day and told me the truth. Dad worked at West Riding colliery and they were expecting early closure, there was a possibility of work at the new Selby field but they both felt that coal was finished. They had got jobs as trainees with Hampshire County Council but needed my support at the enormous change. They took the offer and it was sound, as you know, Selby was a flop. Relatives kept us in touch and for me, Brassed off was a massive reminder of the dirt and filth. Mum and Dad had done all they could to stop me going down the pit. I was very lucky because of it.

  5. La oigo, la oigo y no me canso de escucharla. La chica más dominio del instrumento, no puede tener. Y ese sentimiento, que se tiene, o no se tiene. Mi más cordial felicitación.

  6. Even though it was written as a Guitar Concerto, the Brass Band Arrangement makes further MAGIC! I can play this on the guitar and it always makes me cry, when I play it! – Rodrigo (the composer) was also Blind, which makes this even more remarkable!

  7. I recently started to learn how to play the Great Highland Bagpipes, at 60. Now I`m 69 and, this, is the most inspirational music I have EVER heard. FANFUCKINTASTIC, please excuse my French

  8. Right instrument as well, Flugel Horn. This makes me stop and think, it takes me back to my years as a cornet player, alas I can no longer play. Thanks for putting this here

  9. A really sad – but excellent, moving film – with absolutely gorgeous music! I love it all. And the William Tell Overture at the end is about the best one I've ever heard. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

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