Bobby Brown Admits Teaching Michael Jackson The Moonwalk & Smashing Janet Jackson! 👀


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  1. Mj had it knew about it , MJ just wanted to see Bobby brown do it challenges just for practice mj like to see people dance, Bobby says mj perfected it well for sure, MJ learned from people too , little attributes bless

  2. I beg to differ boogaloo shrimp from breaking is who Michael Jackson learn the moonwalk from he said the exact same thing that he taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk and this was before New edition

  3. No doubt Bobby brown is one of the greatest in music and dance he has made mistakes but who doesn’t has done that in life so let’s stop the judgements and keep it real amigos.

  4. Bobby Brown is an attention seeker and a big lier, ok let’s say he did then Bobby must have learn the trick from a dance teacher or a parent Bobby must have had the influence also of the black slide someway or the other he just doesn’t want to admit the truth because is in denial Micheal Jackson was a student of dance he never said he really invented the moonwalk but sadly he didn’t also gave credit to Bill Baily for some mysterious reason. Is kinda sad .

  5. The late Michael Jackson immortalized the “Moonwalk” during his performance at Motown 25 in 1983, with breakdancing and pop locking-influenced dance moves that dazzled the world. moonwalk might have been a later incarnation and invented by tap dancer Bill Bailey. Not Bobybrown

  6. Okay, I just had to chime in here with this comical of who taught who the famous "MOONWALK" first off the 'moonwalk dance'. Yes, Jeffery Daniel may have shown Michael Jackson the dance and here now Bobby Brown claiming to have taught Michael to perfect it, I don't know maybe he did but the real truth is none of them can claim the dance. Michael Jackson put it on the map and showed out with it but in all reality, there was an afro-American tap dance named BILL BAILEY whom it originated from here is proof Yall, youngsters do your homework!

  7. The moonwalk (blackslide) was around since the 40s/50s.

    MJ's interview with Oprah – If there's one dance move for which Michael will forever be remembered, it's unquestionably the moonwalk. During the interview, Oprah got a private lesson in the signature move. "The moonwalk came from these beautiful black kids who live in the ghettos in the inner cities, who are brilliant. They just have that natural talent for dancing any of the new, hot dances. They come up with these dances," Michael said. "All I did was enhance the dance." –

  8. At what point are we going to get about this man being being an ex crackhead. He believes he was raped by a ghost! WHY do we believe anything he says. All those years of chemical abuse had done him in

  9. AUC you should be ashamed of yourself for believing that BB taught MJ to moonwalk. No one has ever seen BB moonwalk anywhere or on any of his videos. He is just trying to be relevant again, lying about the Jackson family is his way of doing that. No one has ever seen a picture of BB and MJ together anywhere. The only picture with any member of New Edition is with MJ and RT. I don't personally believe that a friendship would have formed with BB and MJ because BB was never on MJ level of dancing nor singing. What you need to do is pray for him. None of this crap ever came up while MJ was alive and now he comes up with this; shame on BB for disrespecting Legion such as MJ.

  10. If you are a true fan of mike you know his moonwalk evolved. The moonwalk at Motown 25 was NOT the same moonwalk he did on the Bucharest tour and not the same one later in 93. He got better and better. I don’t doubt that they shared some moves.

  11. Correct hes been messing with the boogaloos on soul train and started practicing with them which led on to bungaloo shrimp shabba doo poppin taco and Jeffrey Daniel's. In fact big blue shrimp and popping taco stayed within including Jeffrey Daniel's all the way up until the mid nineties

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